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The Ruptured Duck B-25 Swappable

The "Ruptured Duck" B-25  Is a unique Scale looking  swappable design from Beyond The Wheel RC. Purchase your blueprints today to enjoy hours of flying fun.

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The original and affordable model aircraft blueprints  from Beyond The Wheel RC, allow you to enjoy performance and speed like no other.

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Enjoy the latest in model aircraft design and performance with Beyond The Wheel RC. With more than 30 years of experience in the industry, we pride ourselves on creating all of the designs ourselves and selling them to our customers at an affordable price.

The Excelsior aircraft is currently free for all of our first-time fliers. Additionally, all of the aircraft blueprints are exclusive to our company.

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Associate's Degree in Computer-Aided Drafting | Studied Airframe & Power Plant Mechanics for Many Years
Works with Adam's Foam Board | Worked as Thermo-Phase Technician for Amoco™ Foam Products| Military Veteran


The Ruptured Duck B-25 Swappable:

Is a unique scale looking DTF build Available now in Tiled PDF format, or Full size PDF format. Gret yours today!

The Ruptured Duck is the latest design release from Beyond the Wheel RC available in Tiled PDF format, or full size PDF format